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16) 0015.0001 Swanville Farm Apple Trees--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 15
Title, 'Hardy-stock apple trees are selected and varieties top-grafted,' man working with small tree, wrapping a graft. Title, 'Prior to the trees reaching bearing age commerci...;Color home movies documenting work activity at a commercial orchard in Swanville, Maine, circa 1940.
1) 0069.0001 [ARCO bicentennial outtakes]
4) 0137.0002 Pilgrim Forests (reel 1 of 2)
Pilgrim Forests, produced by the National Park Service, United States Department of Interior, in cooperation with the Emergency Cooperation Work, about Civilian Conservation Cor...
2) 0140.0001-.0012 [various videotapes]
35 tapes from Acc. 0140-0142 moved from Blue Hill to NHF, 7/2002. Individual tapes identified when possible, otherwise labeled '0140-0142'. Various segments on: [Iowa farm famil...
7) 0142 [Interview with Joseph Millett]
35 tapes from Acc. 0140-0142 moved from Blue Hill to NHF, 7/2002. Individual tapes identified when possible, otherwise labeled '0140-0142'. Filmed conversation with Joseph Mille...
4) 0158.0006 Wrights Manor and Poland Spring, 1928--Edward Farrington Abbott--home movies. Reel 6
Amateur. Title, 'Summertime in Maine.' 'Wright's Manor, Norway' [Maines]. Man in plus-fours on road. Cars parked near stone house. Dog on lawn. Rapid pan of landscape. Women in ...
7) 0252.0118 [Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 118
NHF notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 118: (100 ft., dc 1936 and 1929) 'Melissa [?].' Color. Young naked child outside adobe home. Workers and bu...
4) 0260.0001 Northeastern States, 2nd Edition
Educational film produced by Encyclopedia Brittanica covering New England and N.Y., Penn., N.J., Del., and Maryland. Visually unidentified footage: dairy production, apple orcha...
3) 0262.0001 [Frank Nash--home movies] Reel 1: Miami and Everglades
Film box notes: 'Feb and March 1955. Joel Campbells home also.' NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96: Sea. Ships. Car approaching along road. Palm trees. Oranges. Pan of field, palm tre...
10) 0262.0002 [Frank Nash--home movies] Reel 2: Silver Springs
Film box notes: '1936. Picnics and Mt. Jefferson.' NHF cataloguer's notes. 1/96: Loading wheelbarrow, woman carrying bucket. Couple walking toward camera. Sitting, gesturing. Fl...
11) 0280.0001 Trail to Better Dairying
A-wind print. 1941, 1946 edge codes on film. Believed to be composed of camera original film. Consists of both Ansco and Kodachrome stock. Ansco color is significantly faded. //...
12) 0280.0002 Trail to Better Dairying
B-wind print. Date from edge code on film. Believed to be dupe of original (acc. 0280.0001). Consists of both Ansco and Kodachrome stock. // Educational work about the first yea...
28) 0280.0003 [Trail to Better Dairying Outtake]
Short outtake element found in can with 0280.0001. Ansco film stock. Color faded.
14) 0280.0004-.0007 [Trail to Better Dairying Soundtrack] Discs
Five sound discs containing the soundtrack to 'Trail to Better Dairying.' Stored in the audio area of the vault.
15) 0280.0010 Trail to Better Dairying (Color Internegative)
Color internegative created from best color portions of original 16mm prints (acc. 0280.0001 and 0280.0002) at Colorlab, 09/2007.
31) 0280.0011 Trail to Better Dairying (Release Print)
Release print created from color negative (acc. 0280.0010) at Colorlab, 09/2007. // Educational work about the first year of the Hancock County Dairy Club.
3) 0306 cat. 0004-02-WABI-57 Governor Edmund S. Muskie Inauguration
Augusta: Edmund Muskie's inaugural speech as governor of Maine includes Maine's natural resources, the farm economies, fish and game, forests and clean water, fair labor laws, c...
18) 0313 cat. 0009-06-WABI Pepper Farm Fire
Pepper Farm fire. Shots of crowds, buildings on fire, fire fighters watching.
26) 0322 cat.0016-05-WABI-60 Frost Farm Fire
Frost Farm on fire. Farm burning, fire fighters with hose, car on fire.
12) 0322 cat.0016-06-WABI-60 Farm and Home Week at UM
Students and faculty at Farm and Home Week presentation. Students walking in front of Student Union, students and faculty listening to speaker.
17) 0322 cat.1007-09-WABI-60 Farm and Home Week at Univ. of Maine
Live broadcast including UM sign, a WABI interview, people seated and listening, baby animal playing.
22) 0334 cat. 0024-10-WABI-61 Hugh Davis Barn Fire
Fire burning at Hugh Davis barn.
23) 0341 cat. 0027-02-WABI-61 Industrial Show in Augusta
Show including Raytheon, Portland Cement, Maine Department of Agriculture, Pepperell Fabrics and Maine Diesel.
34) 0343 cat. 0029-07-WABI-61 Rice Paddies
People working in rice paddies.
19) 0343 cat. 0030-02-WABI-61 Maine Potato Queen
Queen arrives on train, door opens to reveal her seated on throne. She meets reporters, receives flowers.
28) 0343 cat. 0030-05-WABI UM Farm and Home Week
Orono : Meetings, livestock, displays, WABI News interviews.
27) 0353 cat. 1020-06-WABI-62 Farm and Home Week
Orono: Event at University of Maine including WABI interview.
28) 0356 cat. 0048-21-WABI-62 Blueberry Pickers
Blueberry picking process shows plants, weighing berries, berry boxes.
29) 0362 cat. 0052-08-WABI-62 Bull Auction at UM
Cow and bull auction including parade for bidders. CU, MS, and LS of bull.
30) 0364 cat. 0050-21-WABI-62 Farm and Home Week at UM
WABI interviews people at Farm and Home Week.
31) 0381 cat. 0003-22-WABI-63 Farm and Home Week at UM
Event including interviews with participants, farm animal.
32) 0382 cat. 0072-01-WABI-63 Bangor Grange
Bangor: Setup of grange at Bangor Shopping Center including crowds, children and cattle.
33) 0385 cat. 0068-16-WABI-63 Soil Conference
11) 0385 cat.1028-10-WABI-63 Muskie
Senator Edmund S. Muskie speaks to the camera from behind a desk on selling Maine potatoes to the Soviet Union. Economic and political aspects. Says, 'we can bury them agricultu...
35) 0389 cat. 1028-09-WABI-63 McIntire
Congressman McIntire speaks to the camera in a message on civil rights legislation and his support of it. Also why farmers should sign up for acreage in support of a new quota o...
36) 0396 cat. 1031-10-WABI-64 Edmund Muskie on Sugar Beet
Muskie speaking to camera on fundraising for sugar beet project, for Maine to have one of only three refineries in country, economic impact on state, his support of it.
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