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1) 0141 [videotapes on religion, health, and education]
35 tapes from Acc. 0140-0142 moved from Blue Hill to NHF, 7/2002. Individual tapes identified when possible, otherwise labeled '0140-0142'. Various factual works with interviews...
4) 0142 [Interview with Joseph Millett]
35 tapes from Acc. 0140-0142 moved from Blue Hill to NHF, 7/2002. Individual tapes identified when possible, otherwise labeled '0140-0142'. Filmed conversation with Joseph Mille...
8) 0143/0144.0002 [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies] Reel 3: Health Parade
Box notes: 'Health Parade 1932 also E. Dover.' NHF cataloguer's notes: Children in parade, signs: Katahdin Ave. School, Eat Cereal, Eat Vegetab, Oxford St. Health Kingdom. Child...
6) 0247.0001-.0006 Orff-Schulwerk: American Odyssey
'An initial look at Orff-Schulwerk in America; filmed at seventeen schools in seven states. A cinematic and candid study, documenting students at various stages of the learning ...
27) 0252.0089 [Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 89
NHF notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 89: (300 ft.) 'Vacationland 1939-40.' Color. Washington Normal State School. Sign: Joe Burnham's Inn. Scene...
12) 0291.0007 Delhi to Elwins, 1938--Adelaide Pearson--home movies. Reel 7
A group of children sitting on the ground. Women and children on the street. People sitting on a rooftop. Girls carrying platters on their heads. People on the street. Shots ins...;From Miss Adelaide Pearson Rowantrees Bluehill, Maine 1938 – 1939 Nov. 3 – Jan. 22 N.Y. – to – Benares Films to # 33 23 – C. - Delhi potters painting : Agra Fort : - Taj 25 –...
17) 0293 American Studies
Death camp survivor Shoshana Kalish speaks and sings at school regarding her experience. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
19) 0293 Junior High Curriculum Study
Junior high school classes in progress. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
9) 0293 [Student Cable Production]
Student performance. Latter part of tape is Christmas concert performed by Gardiner School. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
33) 0310 cat.1002-07-WABI-59 Parade 'Musician'
Bangor : Parade up Main St. including Camden, William High School and Madison. Majorettes and marching bands.
5) 0312 cat. 1003-12-WABI-59 Bangor Fire Drill
Bangor: Elementary school fire drill including pan of school, pulling of alarm by fire chief and principal, children evacuating and standing in line.
11) 0313 cat. 0009-09-WABI-58 Ellsworth Fire
Ellsworth: A school has burned to ashes. Scenes include children and neighbors helping to save furniture, fire fighters battling blaze, heavy smoke, schoolyard on fire.
15) 0325 cat. 0018-13-WABI-60 ROTC Inspection at Bangor High School
Bangor: Officers inspect ROTC high school students marching with rifles.
26) 0327 cat. 0015-03-WABI-60 Governor Reed Address
Three political messages. Allen Woodcock discusses hearing schedule of legislature, mostly regarding public school bills. Next, Senator Hillman speech supports new Governor Reed...
30) 0338 cat. 1009-14-WABI-61 Brewer High Takes Over City Hall
Brewer: High School English club visit including students in offices of city manager, welfare dept., cemetery board, board of assessors, tax collectors, city clerk, tax collecto...
4) 0343 cat. 0029-08-WABI-61 English Club Visits City Hall
Brewer: Brewer High School English Club at City Hall. Students visit offices of City Manager, Welfare Department, Cemetery Board, Board of Assessors, City Clerk, Tax Collector, ...
33) 0345 cat. 0032-01-WABI-61 Santa Parade
Bangor: Parade featuring school marching bands from Bangor, Brewer, Bucksport, Hermon, Ellsworth and Orono. Also Santa and reindeer float, Bangor fire truck, and crowds.
26) 0345 cat. 0032-07-WABI-61 Fire Prevention Award
Fire fighter equips Fruit Street school children with plastic fire hats and displays 'Junior Fire Marshall -- Fire Prevention Achievement Award.'
13) 0350 cat. 0032-16-WABI-62 Bangor High School Fire
Bangor: Fire fighters searching for possible fire at Bangor High School.
32) 0350 cat. 0032-21-WABI-61 Fire Check at St. Joseph's
Fire control demonstration at St. Joseph's School. Children evacuating school, listening to fire chief outside, fire fighters extinguishing pond and garbage fires.
21) 0354 cat. 0047-09-WABI-62 School Bands
Bands from Searsport, Bucksport, Winterport, and possibly others get together. Shots include individuals playing instruments and band instructors.
22) 0354 cat. 1020-31-WABI-62 Police School Graduation
Bangor Police School graduation ceremony including graduates receiving diplomas or badges, and officers.
23) 0357 cat. 0049-10-WABI-62 Brewer Parade
Brewer: Parade shots including Bernice Winslow School of Baton twirlers, Maine Jr. Miss, Bette Gregoire Twirlerettes, Boy Scouts, fire trucks, American flag, bands, floats and c...
24) 0358 cat. 0049-14-WABI-62 Polio Vaccine
Vaccine distribution to school children including women pouring it into cups for waiting children, children and adults drinking it.
32) 0358 cat. 1022-06-WABI-62 Fire Drill
School fire drill including principal pulling alarm, students evacuating, a firefighter distributing safety literature, CU of a pamphlet.
30) 0359 cat. 0049-22-WABI-62 Santa Parade
Parade including Orono, Bucksport, and Newport school bands along with floats and Santa with reindeer.
31) 0360 cat. 0050-09-WABI-62 Veazie--New School Room
Veazie: New school room now occupied by students and a teacher.
28) 0373 cat. 0056-03-WABI- Memorial Day Parade(?)
Bangor: Parade including Woodland High School Band, 195th Army Band, Bette Gregoire's Twirlerettes, majorettes, servicemen marching in formation, dignitaries on platform.
29) 0374 cat. 1026-04-WABI-62 Fire at Bangor High School
Bangor: School fire scare including firefighters entering, fire trucks parked in front, spectators and vehicles passing.
40) 0378 cat. 1027-03-WABI-63 High School Bands at WABI
Bangor: High school band tour of WABI including film camera, lighting system, film vaults, students seated in room, students listening to onstage speaker.
41) 0378 cat. 1027-06-WABI-63 Veazie School Visits WABI
Students enter and tour studio.
35) 0381 cat. 0063-28-WABI-63 Brewer High School
Brewer : LS and MS of exterior of Brewer High School. Pans of building, long shot of flag being lowered.
33) 0382 cat. 0071-10-WABI-63 Jaycees Parade
Bangor: Parade including 'Welcome to Bangor Jaycees' sign, Miss Maine, Miss Bangor-Brewer, Old Orchard Jaycee float, high school bands.
34) 0383 cat. 0064-03-WABI-63 School Play at Veazie
Veazie: School puts on play.
19) 0383 cat. 1027-12-WABI-63 Drum and Bugle Corps Contest
Various schools and organizations at Drum and Bugle Corps contest. Shots include LS of corps going through routines, MS of young people accepting trophies.
49) 0387 cat. 1029-03-WABI-63 Fire Prevention in Schools
Fire fighter's presentation to school children including showing them literature, children's reaction shots.
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