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8) 0132.0001 From Pulpwood to Newsprint
Film is shrunken, has severe perforation damage in places. // Opens with aerial views of the town and mill. A comprehensive tour of mill operations at the Seaboard Paper mill in...
9) 0132.0002 From Pulpwood to Newsprint
This Digital Betacam and made at Colorlab. // DVD duplication master made from this at Cinepost 03/2004. // Opens with aerial views of the town and mill. A comprehensive tour of...
24) 0241.0001 Our White Pine Heritage
Very splicey and moderate perf damage at head. // History of white pines and how they are used in construction, papermaking, etc.
8) 0260.0001 Northeastern States, 2nd Edition
Educational film produced by Encyclopedia Brittanica covering New England and N.Y., Penn., N.J., Del., and Maryland. Visually unidentified footage: dairy production, apple orcha...
5) 0353 cat. 1020-12 Great Northern
Great Northern Paper's new building including a presentation, a man speaking, people waiting to get in, interior, exterior.
6) 0394.0001 A Question of Survival: Washington County, Maine
Documentary examines poor economic conditions in Maine's Washington County. Interviews with residents about life, work, job opportunities, and the prospects for the future. Vari...
7) 0432 cat. 1045-05-WABI-65 Pulp and Paper Foundation
Orono: Meeting at University of Maine including crowd, speaker.
7) 0453.0021 [East Division of Standard Packaging to Slow Down Production]
Label: 'East Division of Standard Packaging to Slow Down Production.' // Truck arriving at gate of Eastern Fine Paper mill in Brewer. Sign: 'Eastern Fine Paper and Pulp Division...
9) 0662.0001 Papermakers
'Presented by AFL-CIO.' Papermaking process from forest to paper emphasizing workers. Scenes of interior paper making mill, also tree farm.
10) 0668 [Compilation Maine State Museum Logging Films]
2 tapes: compilation of logging films. Cassette label says locations include Greenville and Allagash. Label lists names Nick Cunliffe, Allagash 1920s (1937), Pete Sawyer, and E....
11) 0710 A Question of Survival: Washington County, Maine
Documentary examines poor economic conditions in Maine's Washington County. Interviews with residents about life, work, job opportunities, and the prospects for the future. Vari...
35) 0719 Places of Interest in the Bucksport Area
Dated Spring 1989. Student film of Bucksport sites of historical and other interest. Old postcards showing Bucksport Main Street, bridge, boy pumping water, old buildings, railr...
13) 0729.0051 [Pollution Controls]
// Label on film: 'Sat Sept 21 - 6pm News'. // 1968 date code on film.;Interview with unidentified man attempting to control/limit pollution, mentions Jim Prentice, manager of Oxford Paper Company mill in Rumford, believes industry wants to become ...
14) 0800.0030 From Stump to Ship: 10 minute excerpt
Dated February 1985. Excerpt with rough track for Maine Humanities Council meeting to consider grant request. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
19) 0808 Log Jam
Follows the annual drive of the St. Regis Paper Company on Maine's Machias River from the woods to the mill. // St. Regis became Champion International Corporation.
16) 0809.0001 The Working Forest
Kim Millick supplied VHS reference copy of program they produced from The Last Log Drive, cat. no. 5185 and from new footage. Tape is only to be used with collateral material or...
17) 0813.0396 S.D. Warren [Paper Company] Offers Solution to Foul Odor in Air
News story dated 06-03-68.
18) 0813.0436 S.D. Warren Company
News story dated 08-14-68. Paper company's disposal of pulp waste.
19) 0952.0290 [Field Trip: Making Paper]
Program #6. Record date: October 8, 1981. // Visit to the Great Northern Paper Company mill in Millinocket, Maine. Explanation of the paper making process and the types of wood ...
20) 0961.0001 Mysteries of the Unknown: A Documentary About Our Commmunity
Mysteries of the Unknown, narrated by students, discusses local lore and legend about Revolutionary War ships sunk in the Penobscot River near Bucksport as well as haunted roads...
1) 0964.0001 The Secret of the Forest
Short (60 sec.) public service ad on forest fire prevention.
15) 0964.0002 [unidentified--home movies]
Box notes: 'Trucks loading conveyer. Mill. Ralph Remick.'
28) 0964.0003 The Stud Mill Story
Features the particular operations involved in producing wooden studs. (Print no. 7, 15 min. running time.)
16) 0964.0004 [unidentified--home movies]
NHF cataloguer's notes, 11/94: (2 min.) Wood yard. Lumber being moved around with cranes and trucks. (14 min.) Amateur rodeo, large gathering. Children running race and playing ...;From Facebook: Names of the ladies in the Queen's Court in the parade. Left front: Paula Eldridge, 2nd one up on the left is Rebecca (Gross) Gray. She was from Castine. Dana ...
24) 0964.0005 - 0964.00027 ['Light Coated Quality' and other titles]
Collection-level description of video footage: promotional works such as 'Light Coated Quality' about technology and processes used in the forest products industry, instruction ...
1) 1116.0001 [American Writing Paper Company footage]
Intertitle: "American Writing Paper Company Presents" (Title scene and other intertitles are in Spanish.) Shot of paper manuscript. Man looks through a drawer of folded papers....
27) 1140.0255 [Paper Mill Waste]
Label on film: 'Pulp and Paper Waste.' // Interview with unidentified man about solid waste disposal and disposal systems used by paper mills. Says mills will be slow to limit t...
28) 1140.0382 [Pulp and Paper Foundation Workshops]
Pulp and Paper Foundation holds banquet and classroom sessions at University of Maine as part of Pulp and Paper Foundation's 25th anniversary celebrations. Interview with Pulp a...
29) 1191 cat. 1077-01-WABI-67 St. Regis Student Seminar In Bucksport
No description available
30) 1191 cat. 1094-08-WABI-68 Standard Pack. Assigns Mill Sale Bids to One Contact Firm
No description available
31) 1191 cat. 1095-05-WABI-68 Whitehouse Discharged from Standard Pack.
No description available
32) 1191 cat. 1095-21-WABI-68 Washington Moves to Assist Labor Force Involved in Standard Pack. Phase-Out
No description available
33) 1191 cat. 1095-23-WABI-68 DED Commissioner Comes Close to Confirming Stan Pack Sale
No description available
12) 1191 cat. 1098-01-WABI-68 Curtis and Keefe Stress Action Points In Coping With Standard Phase-Out Crisis
No description available
35) 1191 cat. 1098-08-WABI-68 Standard Phase-Out Affectings Housing Referendum
No description available
36) 1191 cat. 1098-10-WABi-68 Union Officials Report on Job Phase-Out Situation at Standard
No description available
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