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1) 0001.0001 The Knight of the Pines
Short drama: 'The Knight of the Pines directed by Edgar Jones, photographed by Eugene French, distributed by Arrow Film Corp.' Studio dance hall sequences (Sewall Street) featur...
13) 0140.0001-.0012 [various videotapes]
35 tapes from Acc. 0140-0142 moved from Blue Hill to NHF, 7/2002. Individual tapes identified when possible, otherwise labeled '0140-0142'. Various segments on: [Iowa farm famil...
6) 0142 [Interview with Joseph Millett]
35 tapes from Acc. 0140-0142 moved from Blue Hill to NHF, 7/2002. Individual tapes identified when possible, otherwise labeled '0140-0142'. Filmed conversation with Joseph Mille...
3) 0252.0108 [Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 108
NHF notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 108: (100 ft.) 'N.B. 1942 Clara [worming?]' Color. Canoeing and fishing. Cooking on open fire. Sign: Griff ...
6) 0252.0115 [Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 115
NHF notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 115: (100 ft.) 'Maine 1943.' Color. Cooking over open fire. Canoeing (with outboard motors).
7) 0290.0006 [Frank Nash--home movies] Reel 6
Amateur: Women in yard. Indoor family scene. Pan of coast. Bridge. Pan of large city. Shots taken from moving car. Airplane taking off. Old car. Girl on slide. Girls on swing, o...
10) 0290.0007 [Frank Nash--home movies] Reel 7
Amateur: Woman braids girl's hair outdoors. Family on rocky beach. CU adults and kids eating watermelon. CU adults. Women in hats. Aged women. Four girls sitting in one swing. G...
8) 0379 cat. 1027-08-WABI-63 Hopkins Pond Ice Fishing
George Hale on an ice fishing expedition with a group of men. Shots include snowmobile, cutting ice with manual auger, a fish on the snow, setting the traps, MS of men talking, ...
9) 0405 cat. 0089-20-WABI-64 Boy Scouts Camporee
Old Town: Camping event including tents lined up, scouts working, poles being lashed together, troop sign, boy starting fire.
19) 0450 cat. 1057-19-WABI-67 Bangor High School Graduation Party at Branch Lake
Lake scenes including hot dog roast, marshmallow roast, girls in bathing suits, kids dancing.
11) 0659 Salt Marshes (Program 5)
No description available
3) 0659 Whales (Program 3)
No description available
25) 0659 Gulls and Terns (Program 4)
No description available
19) 0659 Eagles (Program 6)
13 April 1978
134) 0659 Winter Bird Feeding (Program 1)
No description available
9) 0659 Learning About Winter (Program 2)
No description available
17) 0665.0004 [Otto Siebert--home movies] Family recreation
Family at lake and in field. Wrestling match. Kids and playhouse.
18) 0665.0007 [Otto Siebert--home movies] Children's recreation
Swimming, children playing and woods.
19) 0665.0010 [Otto Siebert--home movies] Martha's Vineyard
Man, sailboat, swimming, child on beach, housing.
20) 0665.0011 [Otto Siebert--home movies] Bill at Camp
Children, swimming, etc.
19) 0666 [Technicolor Logging]
Produced in 1983, contains footage appearing to be from the 1920s through the 1960s. // Steam log hauling through snow. Old car. Pan of logging area. Steam log hauling. Rolling ...
22) 0672 cat. 5359-01-ACMP-32 [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] Ellingwood Picnic
Head shot of young man in small sailboat, he winks. Sailboat (pram) called WAH PIE, with young boy in it, seen from stern. Woman in swimsuit and bathing cap. Children in water a...
3) 0672 cat. 5359-02-ACMP-34 [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] John's Birthday Party
East Blue Hill home movies. People on rocks at beach. Men wear swimsuits with tops. People (ages around 20s) eat out of picnic dishes, tin cups. Coffee pot. Young boy in profile...
5) 0672 cat. 5359-03-ACMP-34 [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] Glen Cove, Cynthia and Rose Cottage Nursery School
Two-year old child at doorway. Woman and child. Adults outside, group at outdoor table. Man and small girl; father with pipe. Puts child on shoulder. Men in jackets and ties. Ch...
25) 0672 cat. 5359-06-ACMP-34 [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] Labor Day
01:03 Sailing race, nice views. Small boats. Canoe in middle. Coast. Sports activity on field. Group at shore. Boats in water. Dark indoor shot. Sailboats on water. Young men st...
28) 0672 cat. 5359-07-CAMP [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] 76 Ranch
Brief views of ranch. Cactus and old car in background. Boys wearing cowboy hats.
27) 0672 cat. 5359-08-CAMP-34 [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] 76 Ranch
01:05 Tree-lined road (orchard). Mule cart with three passengers, boys in cowboy hats. More passengers in back of cart. Adobe house. 01:06 Man lays out bedding outside. Woman in...
28) 0678 Maine Barbecue
NOTE: This footage is on 'March of Time' compilation tape described in separate ProCite record. NHF cataloguer's notes for 'Maine Barbecue': A chicken barbecue with Gilbert and ...
29) 0690 [unidentified--home movies]
Amateur: Snowy street, large homes. Snow on coast. Ocean. Men with boat. Old car on snowy road. Homes. 'Curly Meserve' sign on truck. Man waving. Icy bay. Winter scenes end. Bay...
1) 0691.0001 [Mahlon Walsh--home movies] Reel 1
Amateur: two men using two-horse plow. Flowers and birdbath. Lengthy segment of person in beekeeping clothing using bee sprayer or smoker. Lupine flowers. Poorly focused flower ...
31) 0691.0003 Maine and New York World's Fair--Sally Walsh--home movies. Reel 3
Home movie reel including scenes of family camping and visits to the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair.;New York World's Fair footage: Racetrack at the B.F. Goodrich Company Building. Railroad Building. Crowds in line to enter the General Motors Building. Greyhound tour bus dri...
10) 0694 Machias Renaissance
NHF viewing notes: 'A Bulldog Production.' Revitalization of Machias. Maps of world, United States, Maine, with Machias highlighted on state map. Quick cuts include worker in bl...
12) 0695.0001 Winter Sports in the White Mountain National Forest
Recreational sports including skiing, sledding and snowshoeing in New Hampshire. Opens with map of New England including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, ...
12) 0696.0012 [E.H. Maxcy--home movies]
NHF viewing notes as follows. Reel notes in quotes. 5511-03 'Moosehead #1 Kimball Camp' 100 ft. people arriving at large camp resort. Old cars. Hand pump. Woman carries fishing ...
1) 0697.0001 [Goodman--home movies] Bridgehampton
Shot June 1961. Cars at beach. 'Town recreation center' sign. Sign mentions beach is for Southampton town residents. People on beach. Picnic, woman breaks shell of hard boiled e...
36) 0697.0002 [Goodman--home movies] Crescent Surf, Kennebunk
Shot July 4, 1961. Young and older adults wearing shorts and sports clothes eat and drink in grassy area above beach. House in background. Group at picnic table eat steamer clam...
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