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3) 0069.0001 [ARCO bicentennial outtakes]
14) 0153.0003 [Dirt track racing footage]
NHF cataloguer's notes: 5004-03-MAHR-24 (360 ft., Kodak Safety, 1924) Dirt track racing. (scratched, fuzzy) open car going away from camera. Man in white shirt, bare head. House...
23) 0252.0105 [Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 105
NHF notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 105: (100 ft., dc 1928? 'develop before Apr 1942') 'Fish 3.' B&w. men pitching horseshoes. Parade of nurses...
28) 0293 Sisters in Harmony: Women's Barbershop Singing Competition
Dated 06-04-82. Singing contest with women from Maine and Canada performing. Maine groups are KenneBelles Chapter of Harmony Inc., and Maine Quarter Notes, both from Waterville....
6) 0337 cat. 0020-09-WABI-61 Contest Winner
Mrs. Ray Crosby, contest winner, is interviewed.
32) 0341 cat. 0026-12-WABI-61 Fair Cattle Judging
Cattle contest including parade of owners and cattle, interviews with winners, WABI personnel.
17) 0345 cat. 0031-18-WABI-62 Shop 'n Save Car Winner
Drawing for 1962 Ford Falcon Futura includes car, crowd, little girl pulling winning ticket from box, smiling woman stepping out of car.
30) 0351 cat. 1019-11-WABI-62 Winner Snow Sculpture
Orono: University of Maine annual snow sculpture contest including sculptures of a beaver, a squirrel, a puppy, a Maine map, a teacup, and a tower.
27) 0351 cat. 1019-12-WABI-62 UM Snow Sculpture
Orono: University of Maine fraternity brothers work on snow sculptures.
11) 0351 cat. 1019-18-WABI-62 Paul Bunyan Days Winner
Men present contest winner with check as children watch.
11) 0353 cat. 1020-02-WABI-62 Winner of Renault
CU of young woman who is given the keys to the Renault she has won from Libby Motors.
12) 0357 cat. 0048-25-WABI-62 Studio City Contest Winner
Bangor: Mrs. George Thibodeau is interviewed by Dick Bronson after she wins the WABI Seattle World's Fair Trip Contest.
14) 0357 cat. 1022-01-WABI-62 Mr. and Mrs. George Thibodeau
Milo: Winners of trip to Seattle for World's Fair, including couple and others in front of town hall, receiving a prize, shaking hands, and posing.
11) 0357 cat. 1022-04-WABI-62 Mrs. Thibodeau Interview
Interview of winner of trip to World's Fair in Seattle by Dick Bronson including Bronson presenting her with two airline tickets, a check for $250, tickets to events in Seattle ...
12) 0358 cat. 1022-07-WABI-62 Mr. and Mrs. Thibodeau Return
Brownville couple's return from Seattle World's Fair including deboarding plane, shaking hands, going over literature.
17) 0363 cat. 0045-04-WABI-62 Paul Bunyan Days Winner
A man checks a list, then hands a piece of paper to a woman as two children look on.
18) 0373 cat. 0057-02-WABI-87 Door Prizes
Trade show including Heil-Quaker and General Automatic booths and people registering.
19) 0381 cat. 0063-06-WABI-63 Winner Lucky Shopper Contest
Choosing of contest winner includes a man shuffling cards, then an elderly woman sitting with man.
20) 0383 cat. 1027-12-WABI-63 Drum and Bugle Corps Contest
Various schools and organizations at Drum and Bugle Corps contest. Shots include LS of corps going through routines, MS of young people accepting trophies.
21) 0384 cat. 0072-17-WABI-63 Bangor Fair
Bangor: Fair including a ceremony on board a ship, and a livestock contest.
21) 0386 cat. 1028-14-WABI-63 Winner of Auto and Cash -- Shop 'n Save
Presentation of new car and cash to contest winner in front of Shop 'n Save including man getting into new car.
23) 0387 cat. 1028-18-WABI-63 Lighting Contest
Various houses seen by night, entries in a Christmas lighting contest.
15) 0388 cat. 1028-02-WABI-63 Hampden Fourth of July Celebration
Hampden: Scenes from Hampden's Fourth of July celebration. Shots include a sign that invites you to spend the day with cooking contests, a chicken Bar b Cue, an auction, etc. Va...
25) 0389 cat. 0065-15-WABI-63 Red and White
Lottery drawing in front of Red and White Store during Rodeo Days including group of people with horse and carriage, woman drawing card from box.
25) 0397 cat. 0077-05-WABI-64 Drawing
Men draw card from mixer.
27) 0397 cat. 1034-03-WABI-64 Bid-A-Buck Prize Car
Men hold up contest sign and stand by prize car.
28) 0401 cat. 0080-03-WABI-64 Bid-A-Buck
Bangor Auditorium: Contest event including crowd seated in bleachers, woman winning car, prizes.
29) 0402 cat. 0084-09-WABI-64 Soap Box Derby
Derby including racers, cars being placed on platform, onlookers, checkered flag waving as cars cross finish line.
30) 0402 cat. 1037-13-WABI-64 Pepsi Winner at Shop 'n Save
Young woman goes on food shopping spree she has won in contest. LS, MS, and CU of her carrying armloads of food.
31) 0403 cat. 0086-03-WABI-64 [Suitcase Winner]
A young man and woman talk, then he presents her with a suitcase.
32) 0407 cat. 0076-10-WABI-64 Bid-A-Buck Prize Car
People at car giveaway event.
19) 0408 cat. 0086-13-WABI-64 Broiler Festival
Belfast or Skowhegan: Festival including 16 county misses, Miss Poultry Queen, Maine Sea Goddess, advertising billboards for event, a lot filled with trailers, woodcutting conte...
35) 0412 cat. 0084-02-WABI-64 Pepsi Winner at Shop 'n Save
Contest winner's prize of shopping spree including her running down aisles, holding armloads of items, her family, her food being rung up, the final total of $324.49.
35) 0415 cat. 0083-06-WABI-64 Fishing Derby
Fishing derby including people in boat and onshore, holding up catches.
35) 0439 cat. 1048-10-WABI-66 Narragansett Spinoff Winner
Presentation of award to contest winner.
26) 0450 cat. 1058-11-WABI-67 Somerset Pomona Centennial Field Days in Skowhegan
Skowhegan: Parade including floats, birthday cakes, kids on bikes and with baby carriages, horse pulling contest.
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